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Paver Installation

Get new pavers, travertine or natural stone installed the right way, the first time!

Paver Sealing

Are your pavers faded, molded, or just super dirty? We can wash, steam and seal all types of pavers!

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Are you considering sealing your pavers? Good choice! Here are just a few benefits of sealing pavers.  Paver sealing & restoration  is important to maintain the beauty and integrity of your pavers and natural stone.

  • Protects pavers from the elements
  • Makes it easier to clean
  • Enhances the color
  • Protects the from deteriorating
  • Inhibits weeds and grass in joints
  • Reduces moss and mildew growth.
  • Hardens the joint
  • Prevents loss of sand in joints.
  • Enhances color, texture & brightness
  • Reduces paver loosening and cracks
  • Deters ants and other insects
  • Helps repel oil, grease, grime & stains
  • Easier routine cleaning.
  • Make bricks & stone shine
  • Assures long lasting beauty and value


Repairs needed before sealing the pavers:

Repairing various issues with pavers is essential for maintaining the integrity and visual appeal of outdoor spaces. When dealing with sunken pavers, the process involves carefully lifting them, adjusting the base material beneath to ensure proper support, and then resetting the pavers in their original position. Broken pavers require replacement, which begins with removing the damaged piece and inserting a new one that matches the design. Roots under pavers can cause uneven surfaces and must be addressed by excavating the affected area, trimming or removing the intrusive roots, and releveling the base. Loose pavers, often caused by shifting over time or insufficient jointing material, can be fixed by lifting the affected pavers, cleaning the joints, and adding fresh jointing sand or compound before reseating the pavers securely. 

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